Grabador Esteve nº 33 pta. 8, 46004 Valencia (SPAIN)

Fax 963 950 058 / Ph 722 272 555

| Practicing lawyer. Member of the Bar Association of Valencia (ICAV).

| Master in International Relations from the Universidad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (UBA) scholarship from the Obra Social y Cultural de CCM.

| Law degree from the Faculty of Law of Universidad de Valencia.

| Course on Banking Malpractice: Preferred Securities, Unfair terms (Property, Interest for Late Payments and Others) given by Gonzálo Caruana, Judge of the Provincial Court of Valencia, Notary Association of Valencia.

| Community Law at l’Université Paris XII Val de Marne.

| Course in International Arbitration, International Law Department of the University of Valencia.

| Professional Development Diploma from the School of Legal Practice, Valencia Bar Association.

| “Transport Insurance” Valencian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation.

| IV Course on Immigration, Bar Association of Valencia.

| Certificate of Specialisation in Juvenile Jurisdiction, awarded Legal Specialist Licence to work within the jurisdiction of Minors, Bar Association of Valencia.

| Diploma in Immigration, Bar Association of Valencia.

| Immigration and Labour Law Conference. I.C.A.V.

| Conference on New Immigration Regulations. I.C.A.V.

| XIII Congress on Penal Law, Society and New Technologies, University of Salamanca.

| Prevention of Occupational Risks, course taught by Ananda Gestión.