Client Services


Protection of creative work, musical, literary or artistic compositions, registration in the Intellectual Property Rights Registry, Management of rights in the Spanish copyright association SGAE, protection of author’s name or brand.



Claims management in regards to banking and financial services: mortgages and loans with unfair terms. Terminations and evictions, negotiations with the financial institutions in regards to payment agreements of rents , Complaints against fines Faulty and defective products, erroneous invoices, travel agency non-compliance, home accidents, transport complaints, misleading advertising and purchases.

“Consumers often experience a lack of respect for their rights: banks which refuse to remove mortgage “floor clauses”, telecommunications companies which do not comply with their contracts, false advertising. Consumers need to make official reports to force large companies into respecting their rights. THE ONGOING ABUSE OF BANKS Those who continue to pay the “floor clause”.



Claims for payment, compensation, professional negligence, obligations and contracts. Family law: Separations, divorces, financial-matrimonial relationship, parentage, adoptions, rental contracts, evictions, deposits, property negotiations and acquisition, association of property owners, ownership and possession



Work and residence permits, citizenship, Nationality, residency permit application Penalties for unauthorised residence, expulsion Police abuse of power Creation of non-profit cultural or religious associations, employment contracts, Consultancy for new entrepreneurs and self-employed people, dismissals, settlements, modifications, debt recovery, procedures against decisions made by the INSS, INEM or SPEE.

“During my many years of practice I have worked through the various challenges facing immigrants in Spain; language misunderstanding, lack of residence, problems with the police. In order to overcome these obstacles, immigrants form associations, create companies, and become part of an engine which helps drive the national economy.

My office provides legal services for all foreigners who wish to settle in the Spanish territory: citizen and residency requests, appeals for fines and expulsions for illegal residence, creation of non-profit, cultural or religious associations and consulting for new entrepreneurs and freelancers.”